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  • The Pareto Effect – The Best Graduate Assessment Process with the UKs Leading Graduate Companies. So if you are switched on we will match you with the brightest graduate jobs. We place and train over 4000 graduates each year. Start your graduate career today.

  • Graduate Jobs Assessment and Graduate Training Schemes video for Pareto Law. What our graduate assessment centre video to see what some of the day entails.

  • Lizzi talks about her experience with Pareto Law after she was placed at PEER1, one of Pareto’s longest standing clients.

    Pareto Law’s nationwide assessment centres welcome 20,000 candidates per annum. Designed over the last two decades, we use competency-based techniques to assess each and every individual. You get good sales people because we don’t pick any bad ones.
    Next, we hand-pick a selection for you to interview, saving you time, effort and money. What’s more, we prepare candidates to make sure they’re ready to deliver, giving you the insight you need to make the right choice. Unlike standard recruitment agencies, we don’t stop there; our modular training programme will equip your graduate with the tools they need to be the very best.

    Undertaken in the first six to twelve months of their role, our training courses ensure your graduate is prepared to excel. Start your recruitment journey today. Pareto – the authority on sales, no less, since 1995.

  • Here at Pareto law, we source, assess, place and train the very best sales talent to deliver the Pareto effect on your business. Our sales recruitment process starts with you. We use our vast social media links, job boards and our own website to attract over 150,000 applications per year.
    From these, we find the perfect candidates for you.

    Having initially matched candidates to the job requirements, our specialist graduate management team then put candidates through their paces during a competency-based telephone interview. We speak to 75,000 candidates every year, inviting a selection to one of our assessment days.

    To find out more about our assessment centres and the process at Pareto Law, visit our official website which equips you with all you need to know….

    Learn how the Pareto Effect will enhance your sales recruitment and overall sales revenue. See how we source, assess, place and train the very best sales talent in the UK.

  • Bryn Thompson, Sales Director at Pareto Law explains: “The Pareto Effect has spread far and wide across businesses because we believe that sales is all about attitudes and behaviours. You can teach people skills, but it’s very difficult to teach those behaviours.

    So we recruit people with the right attitude, with those right behaviours. We get literally thousands of applications every month from graduates and we’re looking for people with specific competencies to go into a sales role.

    Because we are the size we are and we’ve been established for so long, we are the go-to company for any graduate who wants to really develop a career in sales.

    Steve Dennis, Global Filmmakers, said: “We are looking for good quality graduates to come and join us for sales and marketing to promote our company throughout the UK. I think the Pareto system of having an entire recruitment selection day, that’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced. So we spent a whole day amongst 30-40 graduates, seeing them be assessed in a number of ways, and at the end of the day we all got our heads together and chose the very best graduates on that day. If you can come away with five or six key members of staff, that’s fantastic for our business and it couldn’t have been better.

    Thompson continued “Not only do we assess and place them, we then give them a structured sales training programme throughout the first year, to turn them into some of the business’s highest performers.
    Dennis said: “We’ve had a number of days follow-up training from Pareto that’s been a combination of classroom-based training here at our offices, but also individual bespoke coaching where they have been listening and feeding back. It has been first-class and I’ve certainly no regrets about the graduates that we’ve got from Pareto. They’ve improved our business, without question.
    Learn how the Pareto Effect will enhance your sales recruitment and overall sales revenue. See how we source, assess, place and train the very best sales talent in the UK.