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Pareto Law were interested to read an article on the BBC recently that highlighted the success of UK universities on the global stage.

How did we fare?

According to the 2015 Time Higher Education World Reputation Rankings, of the top 100 most prestigious universities on the planet, 12 happen to be in the UK.

The table, based on the opinions of a world-wide panel of top academics, is dominated by institutions from the US with 43 of the top 100 universities belonging to our cousins across the Atlantic. Harvard University came top of the list, with Cambridge and Oxford coming second and third respectively.

The academics invited to take part in the report were chosen based on United Nation data to ensure an accurate reflection of the global distribution of scholars. They were asked to nominate the best universities in their fields of expertise.

What did the experts have to say?

In respond to the findings, Rankings Editor Phil Baty called for careful protection and give better funding for what he referred to as the “real jewels in the UK’s crown.”

Mr Baty said “It is clear from this latest research that the UK is punching well above its weight in higher education globally.”

He added, “These incredibly valuable assets need to be carefully protected” before urging the government to invest more in universities to ensure that the UK can continue to compete with other nations.

Nicola Dandridge, Chief Executive of Universities UK, was delighted that the UK had retained its status of having the second best university system in the world, despite spending “far less on it” that other nations.

How Pareto Law reviewed the news…

As the largest, most successful sales recruitment specialist throughout the UK, we regularly see plenty of top graduates walk through our doors from a wide range of universities across the UK. As such, we we’rent that surprised at how successful our universities fared in the rankings.

At Pareto Law, we consider applicant with a degree in any subject. Whatever your degree, university or level of experience there are no barriers stopping you entering the world of sales. If you have the personality, potential and drive to succeed that’s all that’s needed.

To find out more about what graduates are saying about us, take a look at the Pareto Law Review site.


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