The Future has Never Looked Brighter for UK Graduates

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An article in the Telegraph has suggested that the future has never looked brighter for UK graduates. What does this mean young people can expect when they enter the job market looking to craft a successful career?

Employment at forefront of students’ minds

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A new poll from Which? has shown that six of every ten UK students has employment at the forefront of their mind when they fill in their Ucas forms. Many would likely argue that the hike in university tuition fees to £9,000 has played a part in this.

Recruitment to “reach its highest level for more than a decade.”

The article argued that these ambitious students are set to enter the best jobs market the UK has seen in years. Martin Birchall, managing director of High Fliers Research explained in the piece that “graduate recruitment at Britain’s top employers is this year set to reach its highest level for more than a decade,” adding that “starting salaries are on the rise, too.” This is borne out, for example, by the fact that vacancies in telecommunication and IT have more than doubled in the past decade, whilst training places at professional service and accountancy companies have risen by two thirds.

Birchall also commented that “there are also more graduate jobs at leading retailers, consumer-goods companies, consultancy firms, media companies, engineering and industrial firms, and in banking and finance.”  Meanwhile the list of big graduate recruiters for 2015 is dominated by huge retailers, accountancy firms, technology and manufacturing companies like Jaguar Land Rover and Rolls-Royce. With 2,060 vacancies Teach First, which places graduates into challenging schools, took poll position on the list of top recruiters for 2015.

Future looks really bright for STEM graduates

The article went on to suggest that the future looks particularly bright for graduates who walk away from University with a degree in a STEM (Science, technology, engineering or maths) subject. Increasingly STEM subjects provide graduates with a path to higher earnings.

Analysis of statistics from the Sutton Trust’s 2014 Earning by Degrees report shows which degrees can expect to command the highest and lowest starting wages. Analysis revealed that education, computer science, economics, engineering and technology as well as medicine and dentistry courses lead to the highest starting salaries. Meanwhile the lowest beginning wage is commanded by students who take degrees in subjects like philosophy, history, biological sciences, creative arts and design, as well as English.

Graduates face endless opportunities

Overall this article suggests that endless opportunities await students once they leave university. Graduates can expect to enter a future which has never looked brighter.


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