Sales: Five Major Mistakes

The market place becomes is increasingly becoming more competitive, meaning older selling techniques are becoming less effective. Sales people need to think differently and consider changing how they interact with customers to in order to improve their sales performance.

Here are 10 key selling philosophies that many Pareto Law have found sales people to get wrong:

  1. Not selling the solution

People buy things to solve a problem. It’s important not to spend too long talking about all the product or service as this will lead to a lengthy, unfocused presentation. Instead, focus should be placed on how your product/service and the company can solve the top three most crucial problems your client is trying to solve.

  1. Ignoring other key influencers

Many sales people will give too much attention on the decision-maker and miss out on impressing the influencers. Find out who else is involved and part of the decision. Find out why they are important to the decision making process and what is important to them.

  1. Believing price will solve your clients’ problem

Many sales people have been fooled by many buyers who say “price is the only issue.” This is very often not the case and every one of them are willing to pay a higher price.

  1. Not asking the hard questions

Sales people often miss opportunities to gain trust by not asking those difficult questions. Ask these questions: “How do you feel about our price?” “How do you feel about our term?” “Why would you do business with me when you have done it with our competitor for so long?” If you fail to find the answers to the hard questions, you’re less likely to close the deal and not understanding why.

  1. Relying too much on the sales presentation

It can take hours of time and effort to create sales presentations and many people become so reliant on the slideshow and all the details that they lose sight of vital buying signals. You being there at the meeting is more important than the presentation. Yes, you still need a great presentation, but never allow yourself to become so dependent on it. Remember what is important and who the key influencers are.

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