Prosecco Preferred to Champagne at Christmas

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As Christmas approaches manufacturers of the UK’s most popular wines, beers and spirits are beginning to salivate at the prospect of increasing profits. It’s no secret that the alcohol pours more freely during the Christmas period, but one kind of drink is set to miss out.

Champagne, a popular sparkling wine produced in France is set to be overtaken by a cheaper product. Half of Britons now prefer Italian counterpart prosecco to champagne when celebrating.

The Prosecco study

In the study, curated by prosecco manufacturers Mionetto, they claim that Brits spent £1billion on the Italian fizz and that 49% picked it over ‘champers’ because of the extensive price difference. The poll suggests that drinkers buy it because they believe it to be ‘trendy’ however most cannot tell the difference between a good bottle and one that might fall flat.

Brits will spend 27.9% of their Christmas budget on Food & Drink according to the Centre of Retail Research. Interesting to note is that in addition to the religious symbolism of Christmas, the period leading up to the big event is important to retailers. Many retailers make more than half of their sales and profits in the three months before Christmas.


Retailers love special events and continue to cash in on them every year. This is why shoppers will see Halloween costumes in August, Easter bunnies in January and Christmas decorations sometimes in the summer time. Irregular events on the calendar such as a sporting event or royal birth also boost profits. The Centre for Retail Research estimates that Prince George’s birth (2013) added £243 to the UK economy.

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year so it’s important to remember the real reason why we pause and celebrate every year on the 25th day of December. It’s just better to celebrate with the latest tech in our stockings.

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