Higher employment levels for mobile students, study finds

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Pareto Law has recently read that a report from the UK Higher Education International Unit has found that students who are globally mobile have a lower unemployment rate and end up earning more as graduates than their non-mobile counterparts.

What did the study find?

The study found that differences in unemployment rates and graduate salaries are particularly marked among students who studied STEM subjects. The unemployment rate for non-mobile students was found to be 6.1%, compared to 5.2% for their mobile counterparts.

In addition to this, 88% of the full time roles attained by STEM students were in top jobs (for instance managers, senior officials and ‘professional roles’) compared to 82% of roles for non-mobile students.

Mobile students were defined in the study as those who had taken part in an exchange programme or a work or study placement abroad. It was found that 5.4% of mobile students were unemployed six months after graduating in 2013, compared to 6.7% of non-mobile students.

“Positive outcomes of studying abroad”

Anne-Marie Graham, Head of Programme, Outward Student Mobility at IU said the report aims to spotlight STEM fields to provide “as much evidence as possible” to highlight the positive outcomes of studying abroad for STEM students.

Ms Graham said: “STEM students are relatively underrepresented in terms of mobility and that is a big part of our strategy – we want to increase mobility among underrepresented groups.”

What else did we learn?

The report also considered graduate salaries; it found that graduates who had been mobile earned more across 11 of 17 subject areas and also earned more if they remained in the UK to work.

Aside from STEM students, non-language graduates who had been mobile but returned to work in the UK earned more in 40 out of 67 subjects with disparities of more than £3000 in sociology, theology, computer science, electronic and electrical engineering and physical geographical sciences.

France was the most attractive destination for mobile UK students, with a quarter making the move across the channel. Spain came second, with the USA and Germany coming third and fourth respectively.

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