Do Pareto Law review digital skills..? Report says digital literacy is now a must

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Does the team at Pareto Law review candidates digital skills? A new report has proved something we’ve long believed here at Pareto Law. Every graduate needs digital skills to make it in the modern work place.

Digital skills are essential

Pareto Law is the largest, most successful sales recruitment specialist throughout the UK. Pareto Law review some of the most bright, driven graduates this side of the North Sea walk through our doors every day. Every one of those graduates is computer literate.

You can’t underestimate the importance of digital skills as far as employment goes in the modern age. The vast majority of higher end jobs – the vocations an ambitious graduate may wish to pursue – require the use of digital technology. The ability to surf the internet is particularly vital. If you lack these skills you may find it hard to secure employment in the higher jobs market in modern Britain.

Digital skills should be core subject

Therefore we weren’t even slightly surprised when the BBC recently wrote that a report released by a House of Lords committee said that kids should be taught “digital literacy” as a core subject at school. Currently only English, Maths and Science are core subjects.

The Lords Digital Skill Committee report came to three conclusions, ultimately finding that education needs a “radical rethink” for people of all ages. It argued that no child should leave school without basic digital literacy, universities need to strive to ensure every graduate is “digitally competent” and apprenticeships need to place greater emphasis on digital skills. Without these actions, the Committee warned, the UK may fall behind other western nations in the digital age.

“We need to give digital literacy as much importance as numeracy and literacy.”

Former chairwoman of Ofsted, the government agency responsible for inspecting schools, Lady Morgan, commented on the need to promote digital literacy within the UK. Morgan said: “From an early age, we need to give digital literacy as much importance as numeracy and literacy.

“While we welcome the introduction of the computing curriculum, we are concerned about the ability of teachers to deliver it – with more than half of our IT teachers not having a post-A-level qualification relevant to IT. At the higher education level, there is an urgent need for industry input, so that graduates are learning job-relevant digital skills.”

Graduates shouldn’t neglect digital literacy

More than anything this report shows how essential for it is for every student to graduate university with digital skills.

So then, back to the orginal question… do Pareto Law review candidates’ digital literacy? All we can say is graduates can’t afford to neglect this vital area of their education if they wish to move into many modern careers.

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